Segway for Individuals

The Segway (PT) technology is an ideal transportation
solution for many different individuals.

Segway Fort Worth’s sales department provides our clientele with many different Segway models and accessories to suit any desire. If you are an avid hunter or ranch owner, check out our camo editions! We even have compartment accessories for a quick trip to your local market. Whether you are increasing your mobility or looking to cover distance with ease, the Segway Personal Transporter is a fun and easy-to-use answer.

  • Versatile: Transition seamlessly from indoor to outdoor environments. Go places with the comfort and ease of being on foot with the speed and agility of a Segway.
  • Cost Effective: While the Segway (PT) is accessible to more places than a golf cart, the Segway (PT) runs on clean electricity and is virtually maintenance free. Just check the tire pressure and go!

Segway Fort Worth invites you to visit our showroom to enjoy a demonstration on some of the most popular models and explore the possibilities!

  • Segway Fort Worth Adventure Tours and SalesRide the newest Segway Personal Transporter (PT), the X2! Our fleet consistsof all X2 units, which is Segway’s solution for off-road fun!

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