Segway on Patrol

Segways provide valuable transportation
for police and security fleets

Security personnel who use the Segway (PT) seamlessly cover their surroundings. From crowded airport terminals to busy urban environments, the Segway (PT) allows security teams and fleets to cover more ground, more efficiently. Our trained sales staff will make sure to provide the best possible solution for your security needs.

“The Segway PT has really improved our visibility and response time – we can see what’s going on and cover more ground in less time. Plus, we’re more approachable. People are less hesitant to come up and ask for assistance.” – Lt. Richard Ricko, Maryland Transportation Authority

  • Visible: Experience height and sight line advantages when riding on the Segway (PT)
  • Interactive: The Segway (PT) is unmatched in its ability to promote interaction between security personnel and their environment.
  • Save time and money: The Segway (PT) saves on the high costs associated with other patrol cars and golf carts while integrating additional capabilities. The Segway (PT) runs on clean electricity and is virtually maintenance free!

Segway Fort Worth invites you to visit our showroom to enjoy a demonstration on some of the most popular models and explore the possibilities!

  • Segway Fort Worth Adventure Tours and SalesRide the newest Segway Personal Transporter (PT), the X2! Our fleet consistsof all X2 units, which is Segway’s solution for off-road fun!

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