Off Road X2 Segways

Segway Fort Worth is proud to be the only
Authorized Off-road Segway Tour in Texas!

If you love the traditional Segway i2 PT, you will love this souped up,  Segway PT X2,  version of the Segway you’ve seen!

Upgraded tires: These off-road tires are tubeless tires, aired up to 4 PSI as opposed to the i2 tires (tube tires aired up to 15 PSI).

  • Smoother ride
  • Expanded terrain to explore
  • Added stability and traction with the wider platform!

Segway owner, Dan Dase, has experienced multiple versions of Segway technology and fell in love with these unique Personal Transporters. All Segway Fort Worth tours are offered exclusively on the off-road Segway X2 Personal Transporters!

  • Segway Fort Worth Adventure Tours and SalesRide the newest Segway Personal Transporter (PT), the X2! Our fleet consistsof all X2 units, which is Segway’s solution for off-road fun!

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